November’s Birthstones: A Dazzling Duo of Citrine & Topaz

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November’s Birthstones: A Dazzling Duo of Citrine and Topaz

Birthday gifts, especially, are ways to express love and caring.  What better way to demonstrate this than to gift a piece of jewelry that is not only special but also conveys meaning and other important properties?

Traditionally, each month of the year has its own birthstones and flowers. Birthstones that come from the earth are said to have legendary “magical properties” and the flower is a symbolic gift of nature.

Yellow is king for those born under the Scorpio and Sagittarius astrological signs.  Their birthstones are Citrine and Topaz while the symbolic flower is Chrysanthemum.

In this blog, we will discuss November’s birthstones and their legendary health and other properties.

Citrine and Topaz

Citrine is derived from the French word, Citron, which means “Lemon.”  It is characterized by its typical yellow color.  Citrine can also be found in a deeper orange or a golden color.  This stone, which symbolizes positivity and success, belongs to the quartz mineral group of gemstones. 

Topaz, on the other hand, can be found in an array of exquisite colors such as blue, yellow, orange, violet, red, pink, and brown. Topaz, is a Sanskrit word, which is the sacred language of Hinduism and classical Hindu philosophy.  The origin of the Topaz name is “tapas,” which means fire. This birthstone symbolizes health and wealth.  The most popular Topaz color is blue, which has traditionally been the color to ward off the “evil eye.”

Topaz and Citrine are not only aesthetically appealing gemstones but they are said to have distinct healing properties, too.

According to legend, Topaz is a great healer for migraines and throat infections.  In addition to reducing stress, Topaz also has a tranquilizing effect.  Moreover, it is said to enhance creativity and boost effective communication.

Citrine is said to help improve blood circulation and digestion, improving our sleep quality while removing body toxins.  It is also said to aid in the healing of thyroid glands and minimize the risk of diabetes.

Mental and Emotional healing properties

According to legend, Topaz helps to balance the body’s energy, reduces stress, and gives us a sense of value and self-appreciation.  Topaz is also said to help us focus more sharply on tasks at hand, which in turn promotes a better work environment.  The latter results in a higher confidence level. which allows us to stand our ground in any given situation.

Wearing Citrine birthstone Jewelry is said to encourage joy while ridding ourselves of past transgressions.  This sends us on a path to a better and more optimistic future.  According to legend, Citirine helps us to release angry and negative feelings while it promotes positivity and encourages self-confidence.  Moreover, according to ancient lore, Citrine fosters a sense of harmony that creates a well-balanced life.

Meta Physical properties

Topaz, according to legend, is associated with the throat chakra.  It enhances creativity and effective communication. Wearing Topaz stone Jewelry unlocks the throat chakra encouraging self-expression.

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which activates our mind and body and stimulates the mental abilities of an individual while eliminating negative energy in our surroundings.

Zodiac Birthstones

Are you a Novemberite? If so, which of the two gemstones – Topaz or Citrine — appeals to you the most?  *We’d love to know.

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  1. Well, generally i do not believe that gemstones have any effect on our life but still your blog is interesting to read. well, my birth month is May? which gemstone is suitable for me?

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