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Throughout history civilizations have believed in good luck charms such as rabbit’s feet, dream catchers and Talismans.  It was also believed methods of organization promoted harmony. According to legend, stones have a special place in our world and their properties promote good health and bring out special qualities in us that fuse themselves with our essence.

If you want a stone that enhances your wardrobe but also your stamina and even the ability to converse, check out what legend says these stones can do for you.


Most types of Agates promote acceptance; grounding; emotional and physical balance; raise consciousness; strengthens the effects of other stones, and is said to aid digestion. There are two specific types that have additional qualities to help in the following:

Moss Agate

Acceptance; self-confidence; security; hypoglycemia; depression.

Botswana Agate

Depression; quitting smoking.


Soothing to nervous system; aligns etheral & mental bodies; enhances most vibration remedies.


Assists spiritual/psychic opening in grounded a way, creativity, sobriety, courage, intuition, self-esteem.

Amber (fossilized resin, not stone)

Lungs; memory; calming; protection.


Mental clarity, spiritual inspiration; calming; enhances self-expression.

Aventurine (green quartz)

Joy; mental clarity; calming; positive attitude.


Activates expansion of consciousness; amplifies healing abilities.


Intestines; cardiovascular system; sedative.

Blue Quartz

Detoxification; creativity; cooling; calming.


Blood disorders; heart; circulation; vitality; courage; generates higher states of consciousness.


Kidney stimulant; aids in astral projection; balances yin/yang qualities.


Strengthening; creativity; prosperity; lower back problems; reproductive organs; encourages opening & curiosity.


Breaks up energy blocks in body; strengthens will, vision, balance, self-confidence; helps in letting go addictions.

Clear Quartz

Powerful transmitter; amplifies/directs thought form; healing energy balancer; promotes clarity; attunes one to higher self.


Removes blockages, negativity; brain balancer; draws toxicity from body; self-esteem; jealousy; mild aphrodisiac.


Improves relationships, meditation, relaxant; heart balancer; strengthens clairvoyance, psychic abilities; aids in mental illness.


Arthritis; strengthens ability to perceive higher levels of reality; absorbs & clears air of psychic clutter.


Circulation (especially in lungs, skin, intestines); promotes heat, energy, vitality; stimulates imagination, self-esteem, willpower; calms anger.


Blood disorders; increases self-esteem; aids astral projection; protection.

Herkiner Diamond

Releases physical stress, tension; cleanses subtle bodies; discharges toxicity from system; aids in past life memory; stimulates clairvoyance & dream work; stores information.


Blood cleanser; strengthens immune system, kidneys; generates divine love; encourages altruistic nature & expression of feelings; strengthens earth connections; protects from injuries and accidents.

Lapis Lazuli

Increases psychic abilities; opens third eye; throat (increases express); cleansing; aligns ethereal, mental, spiritual bodies; thought amplifier.


Balances right/left brain; mental illness; toxicity; protects against radiation; promotes tissue regeneration; inspires giving of self, self-expression; assists “vision” on all levels.


Opens one to “feminine” qualities – receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, clairvoyance (good for macho people); for all physical “female” problems and emotional balance.


Protects sensitive people; wards off negativity; reduces tension; good for letting go of old love; travel; strengthens prophesy.


Protection; enhances cosmic consciousness, intuition, harmony, emotional balance, joy and creativity.


Stimulates tissue regeneration; enhances clarity, and patience; calming; balancing; aligns all subtle bodies; increases clairvoyance; encourages positive emotional outlook.


Digestive aid; good for red corpuscles and circulation; eases anxiety, frustration and depression; money magnet.


Cleans subconscious; strengthens self-identity; attunes one to natural androgynous state.

Rose Quartz

Increases confidence, personal expression, creativity, emotional balance and self-love; for “heartbreak”; opening to universal love and comfort.


Heart; spiritual balance; confidence; flexibility; energy; vitality; devotion; leadership.

Rutilated Quartz

Helps break old patterns, childhood blockages, tissue regeneration; builds immune system; eases depression.


Enhances glandular function; elevates mood; stimulates clairvoyance, telepathy, and “feminine” qualities; improves expression and communication with one’s spirit guides.

Smokey Quartz

Increases fertility, creativity and joy; balances emotional energy; grounding; strengthens adrenals; aids protein assimilation.


Encourages harmony, balance, courage, and communication; strengthens lymphatic system; alleviates subconscious fear and guilt.

Tiger Eye Quartz

For beginning detoxification; works on mass consciousness to separate desire from need.


Assists understanding; balances emotions; helps in letting go of the past; enhances creativity; relaxant; aids tissue regeneration.


Strengthens entire body; promotes nutrient absorption, tissue regeneration, circulation; aligns subtle bodies; protects against harm, environmental pollutants; increases psychic communication skills.


Dispels fear, negativity, grief; promotes healthy environment, tranquil sleep, and balance in relationships, self-expression and eases compulsiveness.

Black – Activates base chakra; for arthritis, adrenals; protects against negativity.

Green – Heart chakra; immune system; balancer.

Blue – Throat chakra; communication; lungs.

Watermelon – Stimulates and strengthens effect of other tourmalines; heart; balance endocrine glands.

Pink/Rubelite – Health balancer; increases insight, perception creativity, fertility; Crown chakra; attunement to higher self; increases spiritual understanding; promotes peace

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