March Birthstones: Aquamarine And Bloodstone

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March’s Birthstones: Aquamarine and Blood Stone

March is a month of transition from winter to spring, which holds its enchantment with festivals and birthdays marking moments of celebration.

As the season shifts, expressions of love through thoughtful gifts are a cherished tradition. Those born in March look to their birthstones, Aquamarine and Bloodstone, to add a touch of magic to the gift-giving experience.

If you’re pondering over a meaningful and sentimental gift for a March birthday or a special occasion like spring weddings, consider the allure of birthstone jewelry. These gems not only embody elegance but also carry legendary healing and metaphysical properties.

What are Aquamarine and Bloodstone birthstones?

The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin word “seawater,” and the early seafarers thought this beautiful stone could calm waves and protect workers. It was also believed aquamarine promotes marital happiness and shields the wearer from opponents – whether in conflict or in court cases – the wearer would be unconquerable.  It was also believed this stone accelerates the mind and makes the wearer affable. 

Bloodstone, a type of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz) often called heliotrope, comes from an antique Greek phrase that means “to turn the sun.”  It is typically semi-translucent to opaque dark green jasper with scarlet inclusions of iron oxides, particularly hematite.

Long ago, it was believed these March birthstones when buried in water could turn the sun reddish. The name “bloodstone” comes from the perception held by some that the color pattern represents the blood of Christ and has religious significance.

Aquamarine and Bloodstone Healing Properties According to Legend

Aquamarine and Bloodstone are not just aesthetically appealing in Birthstone Jewelry but they have distinct healing properties as well. Let us learn about these healing properties as follows:

  • Physical Healing properties
    Since it was found, aquamarine has been used as a method to restore health to all parts of the body because it is an outstanding stone for physical healing. It is incredibly beneficial as a throat chakra stone for relieving sore throats, shrinking swollen glands, and treating thyroid issues of any kind. Additionally, it is an excellent immune system stimulator that constantly reminds the body not to overreact to allergy symptoms. It acts as a rare hormone regulator that you can always count on to keep you balanced. To detect impending storms, sailors must have unobstructed vision. Aquamarine’s main function is to enhance healthy vision and revitalize eyes that have become tired.The Bloodstone, with its blood-red shades and dark green hues, is renowned for promoting health — particularly in blood-related matters. Its iron-rich properties support blood flow, bone marrow function, and purification.  Beyond physical health, it aids in childbirth, offering strength and vitality to both mother and baby. The stone is also effective in balancing menstrual issues, regulating cycles, and addressing hormonal imbalances, making it a versatile and beneficial gemstone for overall well-being.
  • Mental and Emotional Properties
    Aquamarine, a premier healing crystal is beneficial for maintaining mental and emotional health. Its soothing blue-green hues, which mirror the union of the sea and sky, provide immediate solace and promote reflection. This crystal promotes tolerance and clarity by balancing emotions. It strengthens empathy while addressing judgmental tendencies and maintaining honesty. It eases tension and promotes deep concentration by acting as a foundation for daydreaming brains.Referred to as the Stone of Courage, aquamarine boosts the soul and helps people overcome their fear of speaking up. This gemstone helps provide closure to life experiences, encouraging goal-oriented communication and the search for clarity by disentangling confusion and pursuing the truth.Bloodstone, historically bestowed upon warriors, focuses on fortifying strength, courage, and resilience. This grounding gem instills unwavering confidence, fostering empowered decision-making and self-worth. An essential amulet for those navigating themes of abandonment and bullying trauma. This gemstone is rich in iron and serves as a supercharger for emotional resilience, reinstating connection to the outside world and trust in a higher purpose. Beyond stabilizing moods, it energizes the soul, injecting vitality akin to caffeine.  It helps strengthen the heart and enhances emotional well-being.  It channels life-giving energy purposefully throughout one’s being.
  • Metaphysical Properties According to Legend
    Beyond just helping with physical and mental healing, aquamarine is a deeply spiritual sea stone that also imparts a hint of spirituality. It attracts people looking for deeper connections to the universe and visions into the future because of its reputation for divination.  This gemstone highlights the value of introspection and encourages people to set aside time for themselves among busy schedules. Essentially, it strengthens intuition, cultivating wisdom and awareness of the environment. It leads people into a calm world of divination, fostering harmony via an elevated sense of self and the universe.Bloodstone focuses on grounding and securing vital energy flow from head to toe, especially as it relates to the lower chakras. It is strongly connected with the root chakra, which stabilizes and grounds people when faced with obstacles in life. It has a strong effect on the heart chakra and strengthens the connection with the root chakra. It facilitates deep healing by helping to remove obstacles from love life and opens the heart to love trust, compassion, and openness.Through the elimination of negative energy, tension, and anger, this Gemstone facilitates a positive energy flow that opens the door to a happy, joyful, and open-minded life.

Zodiac Birthstone

The Pisces birthstone, aquamarine, resonates with their caring and perceptive personality.  In addition to the perfect Gemstone Jewelry, aquamarine balances with the aquatic element of Pisces, which brings calm and clarity to their emotional waterways.

Bloodstone is associated with the sign of Aries, representing its bold and energetic nature. It is associated with the root chakra and strengthens Aries’ need for endurance and solidity, enabling them to achieve their goals.

#Final thoughts

Gifting aquamarine and bloodstone gemstone jewelry are popular choices for those celebrating their nineteenth wedding anniversary or their March birthday. It is the ideal birthstone for March that will make your loved ones happy.

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