January Birthstone: Deep Red Garnet

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January’s Birthstone: Deep Red Garnet

When we think of January, we envision new beginnings.  It is the first month of the new year and it is an uplifting time that promises to herald in a brighter future.

Garnet, January’s birthstone, is an especially thoughtful gift that acknowledges this special birth month.  It is a sentimental gemstone, which says someone special was born in a magical month under the Astrological signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.

As we herald in the New Year, exquisite Garnet gemstones make a wonderful gift for a January birthday by showing love and affection in a special and thoughtful way.  In this blog, we will learn more about January’s birthstone and its legendary healing and spiritual properties.

The Garnet Birthstone

As the official birthstone for January, the Garnet’s typically rounded shape is also reminiscent of pomegranate seeds.  Its name is derived from the Latin “granum” meaning “grain.” It is believed Garnets symbolize good health, wealth, and happiness.

Predominantly a rich dark red gemstone, Garnet also comes in a variety of colors including different shades of green, pale to bright yellow, and fiery orange.  The Garnet name was given to more than ten gemstones with a similar structure.

According to legend, the Garnet gemstone represents love, devotion, friendship, protection, and trust.  Travelers who wear Garnet stones were said to be safe.

Legend has it that Garnet symbolizes happiness as well as deep and enduring love and friendship.  Garnet jewelry has a rich and ancient past.  It was worn in Greece and Rome and in Egypt as far back as 3100 BC during the times of the Pharaohs.

Oriental warriors used garnet stones in their wars because they believed these would inflict more harm. Others thought Garnets brightened the night because of its high refraction of light.  According to legend, Noah’s Garnet lantern helped steer his Ark.  Garnets were worn to protect against evil, poison, and wounds.

Healing properties of Garnet 

Garnets are not only beautiful in Birthstone Jewelry, but they also have unique therapeutic qualities.  Let’s discover more about these restorative legendary qualities:

  • Physical healing properties

    Garnet is a magnificent stone that aids in eliminating toxins from the body and maintaining healthy circulation. The goal of this stone is to improve blood flow, metabolism, and heart rate. When seeking a stone to help the body absorb essential nutrients, Garnet is the preferred option.  This gemstone was also believed to help with depression and prevent nightmares.  Legend has it that red Garnet breaks a fever, stops bleeding and reduces inflammation.

    It is said Garnet is a powerful aphrodisiac that ignites the fires of passion and brings sweeping energy to individuals with low libido.

  • Mental and emotional healing properties

    Garnet, is said to be the stone of commitment that creates strong relationships with loved ones.

    Garnets can help people who frequently find themselves lost in an existential crisis or emotional precipice by activating our survival instinct.  It makes sure, according to legend, we are always prepared to handle adversity while keeping negativity away. Considered a highly uplifting stone, it is believed by many it has deep healing properties.  Its warming hues and rich Colors help us feel supported and nurtured.  And, it keeps us off the emotional roller coaster by ensuring a strong sense of self-esteem, which in turn helps us make healthy choices.

    It is believed Garnets eliminate negative energy from the body and generally from life. It works closely with grounding chakras promoting a steady, balanced and positive outlook.  As such, we are less likely to experience self-doubt or even jealousy.

  • Metaphysical Properties

    The grounding energy from our root chakra is one of the primary spiritual benefits of  Garnet.  This special stone connected to the base chakra of the body is said to keep us grounded and secure resulting in sound decisions that align with our true well-being.  The sacral chakra is the foundation of all creativity and sexual identity. It emerges as a potent tool for those seeking to open their chakras and experience the unobstructed flow of energy.

Zodiac Birthstone 

Garnet is thought to emphasize the positive characteristics of Aquarians and Capricorns promoting positive traits such as bravery, determination, and inventiveness. It is believed Garnets provide stability and support during times of change, aligning with the steady and determined nature of Capricorns, while also fostering the innovative and visionary qualities associated with Aquarians.  In addition to its beauty in Gemstone Jewelry, Garnets represent energy and superior quality for Januaryites.


In addition to making a magnificent January birthday gift, Garnet is also a wonderful gift for those honoring their second wedding anniversary.  Garnets are generally accompanied by a variety of beautiful gemstones that add glamour to the Jewelry.

Are you a Januaryite? Would you prefer wearing a Garnet birthstone? Kindly let us know.

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