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February’s Birthstone: Stunning Purple Amethyst


February, known as the “love month” due to Valentine’s Day, gives us the amethyst birthstone, a beautiful purple stone for those born in February under the astrological signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

During this romantic time of the year when love is declared and renewed for our deep appreciation of our loved one, we turn to the Amethyst stone and its legendary spiritual and healthful properties. 

February is not just about Valentine’s Day.  It is a month dedicated to expressions of love such as accessories made of birthstones like Amethyst Jewelry, which are heartfelt and long-lasting gifts.  

In this blog, we will learn more about February’s birthstone and its legendary properties.

What is an Amethyst birthstone?

The Amethyst name was derived from the Greek word “Amethystos,” which means a remedy against drunkenness. This gemstone was associated with “Bacchus,” the god of wine, according to Greek mythology, due to its wine-like hue.

From the soft pastel lavenders to the rich, deep purples, amethysts evoke sophistication.  Traditionally associated with sobriety and clarity of mind, the amethyst is believed to keep its wearer quick-witted and clear-headed in negotiations and business affairs.

Legendary Healing properties of Amethyst 

Amethyst in Birthstone Jewelry is not only aesthetically appealing, it  has therapeutic properties.  Let’s discover more about what is believed to be amazing healing properties:

  • Physical healing properties
    On the physical level, the amethyst is associated with hormone balance, restful sleep and relaxation, and the renewal of healthy cells while preventing the creation of the cortisol hormone.  This, according to legend, significantly reduces stress and tension.  Amethysts are also said to regulate metabolism while supporting the endocrine system. Its purplish hues are said to detoxify and cleanse the body, mind, and soul.  The amethyst can also help dispel cloudiness for people who suffer from migraines or brain fog.Amethyst gemstones boost the immune system.  This stone is known for its phenomenal ability to help the body get into fighting shape while warding off illness and disease that wreak havoc on a person’s health and well-being.  Legend says that amethysts give blood a purifying quality, successfully lowering stress and anxiety levels, while strengthening the immune system.  It is said this increases the body’s capacity to repair everything from the skin to the respiratory system. It is well-known for helping those who suffer from insomnia, and according to legend, people are astonished to learn how much power and slumber it can bring to the wearer.
  • Mental and emotional healing properties
    Legendary beliefs say the amethyst is well known for its ability to provide clarity and serenity to our often-chaotic world while offering a genuinely uplifting sense of warmth, grounding, and soothing to those who hold it close.  It is said it helps heal anyone experiencing the intense emotions associated with sorrow, loss, and melancholy since it concentrates on emotions.  It reminds us that spirituality is also about balance.  We shouldn’t just ignore the negative but believe that a spiritual awakening results in positive thoughts.It appears, according to legend, to ignite a spark that reveals an individual’s innermost source of inspiration, in addition to clearing negativity from their minds.  A human’s creative mind may be accessed, and all the thoughts and interests hidden behind the wall of inner chaos can be revealed when the mind is clear and focused.  It assists in gaining the inner strength required to make decisions that are best for the individual, especially for people who struggle with the art of decision-making giving them an uncommon clarity.It helps bring the wearer back to a cool, collected frame of mind should they become a little heated during discussions.  It is a loving stone that is beneficial for family and relationship dynamics and assists in maintaining calmness.
  • Legendary Metaphysical healing properties
    The amethyst is a vital stone in the healing pack for people who want to take a bigger step toward their spiritual awakening. It is even claimed to span the gap between the material and spiritual worlds and is closely linked to the crown chakra. One of the most effective intuitive tools in one’s arsenal is the third eye chakra. Everyone is endowed with intuition; the only difference is how a person uses it. The amethyst allows the sixth sense to blossom into existence as it awakens the third eye.Indigo, which is related to the Color of amethyst, is the hue connected to the third eye chakra. People who have blockages in their third eye chakra may experience anxiety and depression, as well as a heavy burden of pessimism. One can rekindle their imagination, reconnect with intuition, and release inner wisdom by opening their third eye.The sacred energy Center, or crown chakra, is closely related to the amethyst gemstone. It is the home of cosmic consciousness and the source of the connection to the cosmos and the much-needed signals from the universe. Those who have blocked or untapped their head chakra may experience feelings of alienation or disconnection from their surroundings. They can believe that their ego interferes too much. A person experiences balance, well-being, a stronger connection, and functional confidence in their wisdom when their crown chakra is open and willing to receive it.It should come as no surprise that amethyst counteracts the bad external energies given its lengthy history of use as a protection amulet. It offers a Defense against misfortune by warding against bodily assaults. It also aids in shielding the mind against negative energy and emotional manipulation.

Zodiac Birthstone 

Amethyst in Stone Jewelry offers love and peace to the cold end of winter as it aligns with Pisces and Aquarius. Its violet energy provides empathy and spiritual grounding, balancing Pisces’s dreamy inclination. It acts as a protective guide for Pisces who are overly empathic, helping them avoid burnout.  It harmoniously balances analytical traits with Aquarians, promoting calm conversation while maintaining their assertiveness. From rings to necklaces, amethyst Jewelry becomes a personal statement of style and grace.

#Final thoughts

According to legend, the amethyst stone is an elixir of history, meaning, and exquisite aesthetics. Whether given as a birthday present or a token of love, it is a magical and alluring gemstone, which symbolizes love, clarity, and royal elegance.  And it is a protector of well-being. With its alluring past and adaptable Colors, amethyst is a stone that shines through time, perfectly capturing the “Love month.”

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