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July’s Birthstones: Ruby And Onyx

July, the summer’s height, is a season of boundless vitality and vivid life when everything is at its most beautiful and when the sun’s golden radiance fills the sky.  It is a month of joy and freedom, frequently celebrated with fun events, get-togethers outside, and trips. It symbolizes a time of development and culmination when nature and gardens both flourish.  The monsoon season as experienced in many parts of the world changes the environment.  As the rains subside there is a calming effect which is also invigorating. The gemstones for July are Ruby and Onyx and the flower associated with them is Larkspur.

Onyx and ruby are a meaningful and sentimental gift for a July birthday or a special occasion like summer weddings, consider the allure of birthstone jewelry. These gems not only embody elegance but also carry legendary healing and metaphysical properties.

What are Ruby and Onyx Birthstones?

Ruby is a passionate, prosperous, and protective stone that represents the sun. It also has a strong life force that protects from psychic and negative energy.  According to legend the Ruby helps to enhance blood circulation while facilitating the cleansing of the body; and, it also helps to treat fevers and infectious illnesses. It is said Rubies can impart negative energies when traveling even though they encourage a courageous state of mind.

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony which is known for its protection and luck.  According to legend, Onyx symbolizes strength and can balance polarities. It can protect against negative energy thus strengthening willpower.  It imparts a feeling of being grounded in the body, mind, and soul. It is said Onyx is a master of good fortune and it is frequently worn as an amulet, shielding wearers from harm and absorbing negative energy.

Healing Properties of Ruby and Onyx

Ruby and Onyx are not just an aesthetically appealing Birthstone Jewelry but it also has therapeutic properties. Let’s discover more about these amazing healing properties:

  • Physical healing properties 

It is said rubies bring luckl and are a stone of good fortune.  According to legend, this gem can help with physical healing strengthening the heart, muscles, and ventricles.  It’s a known as a bloodstone for its vivid deep red colors and it can help with anything from menstrual pain to circulation. Apart from that it can help with problems related to sexuality, fertility, and all aspects of reproduction. In addition to aiding with kidney, lymph, and adrenal gland treatment, rubies also are said to help detoxify the body.

Onyx is said to be a nerve tonic with a strong grounding energy. This deep dark stone helps to balance the neurological system and strengthens the immune system. It also increases stamina and helps in the recovery of prolonged illness or exhaustion.  According to legend Onyx helps to avoid a relapse and instead motivates the body to concentrate on physical healing.  It is therefore a terrific gem for rehabilitation. In addition to strengthening teeth and bones, onyx can assist the body’s tissue structures, including the bone marrow.

  • Mental and Emotional healing properties 

Ruby has a strong affinity for themes of healing and love. It strengthens confidence, maintains and shields sensitivity, and helps heal emotional traumas. Its positive energy dispels negative ideas and self-critical behavior or skewed perceptions.  It is said that the Ruby helps to release emotional barriers, mend past wounds, and reestablish faith in love. It is connected to riches and prestige and is associated with luck and good fortune. It can help make prudent financial decisions and foster leadership. This gem helps to play cards well without jeopardizing finances by guiding beyond a comfort zone. It is a strong ally for success and love because of its bright vitality and ferocious defensive abilities.

Onyx offers vitality and grounding strength for emotional recovery, according to legend. It increases self-assurance and self-control, particularly in people who are easily agitated or frustrated. It helps to calm anxiety and encourages steadiness by anchoring fluttering souls. It is said it supports to develop a strong sense of self so informed decisions can be made while striking a balance between task-oriented and creative thinking. It helps with grief, acceptance and letting go in difficult times. This stone promotes emotional clarity and resilience by having a soothing presence.

  • Metaphysical healing properties

Ruby rekindles the inner energy when it seems like the world is losing its warmth by spiritually igniting dazzling light in the shadows. It grounds and stabilizes against change, making it a great choice for the root chakra. Moreover, it stimulates the solar plexus and sacral chakras, which promote steadiness, and creativity. It facilitates the opening of these chakras and this allows for more genuine and unified feelings. Its power reaches deep into the heart, signifying compassion and unwavering love, particularly in long-term partnerships. Its vivacious red energy encourages tenacity and defense while promoting inner self-illumination to increase joy, power, love, and confidence. This jewel uplifts the soul and provides the courage to live life to the fullest.

It is said that Onyx is a root chakra stone because it provides a magnificent grounding vibe that keeps is grounding. One of the most significant chakras is the root chakra because it encourages the body to shed excess energy. The entire chakra system may become unbalanced if the base chakra is not cleared. Additionally, Onyx has a safety factor when engaging in any psychic activity or past-life exploration, which may give exposure to vulnerability such as accessing the head chakra. It can be used to clear the crown chakra, while green onyx can be utilized to open the heart chakra. 

Zodiac Sign 

The birthstone for July is ruby, which has a strong affinity with Capricorns and Cancerians. Like Ruby, Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, therefore it provides stability, protection, tenacity, and grounding. This Gemstone Jewelry gives Cancerians more self-worth and confidence, which enables them to rise above modesty and prosper.

For fiery Leos, onyx is the ideal birthstone because it helps balance jealousy and other fears while promoting a sense of self-control, security, and grounding. It can help Leos feel safe and confident without giving in to possessive inclinations. Leos are known for their ambition and tenacity. Onyx gives Leos the strength to be true to themselves and take control of their own lives.

#Final thoughts

Gifting Ruby gemstone accessories are popular choices for those celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary or their July birthday. According to legend, this gem can act as the ideal amulet – providing protection from black magic or psychic attacks and other difficulties of the world. It is the ideal birthstone for July that loved ones would be  happy to own.

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